We created Crizcroz to be different from other Currency Exchanger and Remittance Companies

Meet Alvian, Sebastian, Sam, Remon and Handojo

Sam created Crizcroz because he was tired of being short changed when changing money at airports or various tourist spots. Very often when he travelled to countries where the currencies were not any of the World Major Currencies, he would be asked to place an order, pay up front and wait for days to get his hand on the currency needed. He also forced to use Credit Cards and Travel Money cards but the transaction fees and rates were just as bad as changing money at Currency Exchangers or Banks. When he asked around, he found that other travellers were frustrated and upset about the situation too. Teaming up with Alvian, Remond, Handoyo and his childhood friend Sebastian who felt the same way, they decided to do something about it. 

We created a mobile app for all travellers in mind.

We believe that you shouldn’t be overcharged when it comes to currency exchange.

The best solutions are often simple ones. The simplest way to achieve this was by swapping with other travellers who had the opposite and corresponding need. 

Crizcroz uses the marketplace concept where money is never exchanged across borders, rather, it stays in the country of origin, thereby avoiding bank conversion fees. Using the latest technology to safely and securely link your bank account with ATMs around the world and working together with various outlets such as convenient stores, hotels, taxi drivers and ordinary people who want to earn extra income by becoming Crizcroz agents, you can now get foreign currencies Anytime Anywhere and say goodbye to the old expensive ways of exchanging money.

We pass the savings to you

To be perfectly honest, the rates can never be the same as a simple swap between two people with the opposite and corresponding needs. There are costs associated with running and maintaining the technology as well as payments to various outlets and CrizCroz agents for providing the service to you. However, without the expensive overheads associated with counters and staff at commercial airports and various tourist destinations, bank conversion fees, commissions and transaction charges, you could expect to save up to 80% in fees and rates